About us

Each of us dreams of our own home or apartment. They are different for every imagination. Sometimes the usual size of the furniture does not fit, which can spoil our vision of the dream environment then custom-made furniture comes to the rescue. Some love space, others like small, warm and cozy interiors. Our company combines these elements, creating individual, non-mass projects. We adapt to the needs and visions of the client so that their interiors express themselves.

We are here to implement what you have invented.

Are you looking for unique, custom-made furniture? You’ve come to the right place.

We specialize in loft furniture, solid wood furniture.

We manufacture custom-made furniture according to individual needs

We combine modernity and joy into one whole. Our products are made of high quality wood, which we also combine, e.g. with steel elements, thanks to which the interiors become unconventional (industrial furniture, loft furniture, traditional custom-made furniture) that perfectly meet the requirements. We carry out projects from all types of wood (beech, oak, ash, maple, walnut, pine, fir, larch as well as from fruit trees such as wild cherry, pear, apple tree). We can also use exotic wood in any project at the client’s request.

We also make children’s furniture; beds, bed houses as well as industrial / loft furniture, kitchen and bathroom countertops, wooden tables, coffee tables and many more.